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Many asked if Moissanite worth buying?

We always tell them YES!

Either you want a Moissanite for everyday jewelry or you want a Moissanite ring for wedding or engagement.

Adding some radiance and splendour in life with a much affordable price is something every woman deserves.

We aim to become the most affordable Moissanite jewelries retailer online so that everyone stands a chance to own one of these beautiful gemstone.

Frequency Asked Questions

Nope. Moissanites are cheap, they aren’t valuable. While we usually do not recommend diamond as an investment.

However, if you shop for a Moissanite in a retail store, it will easily cost you at least few hundred Pounds. You are not just paying for the Moissanite, but also for the high retail expensee.

Diamonds are natural while Moissanites are mostly lab-created. Natural Moissanites are extremely rare. In terms of pricing, Moissanite is a much cheaper alternative to natural diamonds.

Moissanite sparkles visually similar to diamonds but it has a much higher refractive index at 2.65 (diamond’s 2.42). This is what causes the moissanite’s exceptional sparkle and fire.

Fire, in the jewelry world, is the term for ‘colourful sparkle’ while ‘sparkle’ usually refers to its brilliance. 

While Moissanite sparkle is similar to a diamond, its fire is much more intense.

Not at all.

Although Moissanite is a bit softer than diamonds. Moissanite sits at a comfortable 9.25 out of 10.

This makes it the second toughest gemstone used in jewelry, ranking ahead of even sapphire and ruby, which sit at 9 on the Mohs scale.

The anwser is yes.

Our jewelries are mainly made of s925 sterling silver which contains 92.5% silver and 7.5% of other metals.

Pure silver or gold does not rust but its too soft to make jewelries.

Therefore, the other metals that we use tarnishes when it get excessive exposure to certain coumpounds.

However, just get it polished and it will shine again. If you’ve ever polish your grandmother’s silver before a family holiday or shine up a favourtie piece of your mother’s jewelry, you already know the answer and the process.

We do offer after-sales care to all our customers.

If your gemstone fells, send it back to us and we will fix it for you free of charge.

Else, we send you a brand new piece as a replacement.

All our orders will be fulfilled by a fulfillment partner. 

Courier that we use are Royal Mail or Yodel for customer in UK.

Free shipping worldwide to all customers with no minimum order requirement.

If you dont like it, simply return it to us for a full refund.

Just ensure that you return it in its original condition.

Some products requires a 15% restock fee for returns while mostly do not.

You can contact us anytime and we aim to reply you within 12 hours.

Contact us at: [email protected]

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If you are interested to be part of our team, please write to us for available positions.
PS: Please attach your CV together with the enquiry.

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