Ring Size Guide

Ring Size Guide

Ring Size Guide

This ring size guide helps you to find out your ring size.

Measuring your ring size can be done with measuring your ring circumference, diameter or using a ring sizer.

Find your size

After measuring your ring size, you will require to refer to the sizing chart to see which ring size corresponds to your measurement and finding your perfect size.

Simply follow options in the ring size guide below.

Option 1: Find your circumference

You will need:

  • A strip of paper (preferably 5.0 mm)
  • Fine tip pen
  • Ruler
Ring Size Guide

Wrap the paper around your desired finger.

Step 1

You are required to wrap this strip of paper around the base of your desired finger.

In addition, you need to ensure the paper is pulled tight to your finger to ensure result accuracy.

PS: Do not worry about the ring being too tight on your finger. The correct ring size is based on a tight measurement as the ring itself won’t fit that tight.

Ring Size Guide

Put a mark on where the paper meets itself.

Step 2

Following step 1, use a fine tip pen and put a mark on the paper where it meet itself.

Ring Size Guide

Measure it using a ruler

Step 3

Lastly, place the strip of paper flat on a ruler. Round it up to millimeter. Use your result and refer to the sizing table.

There, you will find your ring size.

Option 2: Find your diameter using an existing ring

You will need:

  • A ring that fits your desired finger
  • Ruler
Ring Size Guide

Pick a ring of yours that fits

Rind Diameter

Place your ring flat on a ruler.

For this option, simply pick a ring that fits well on your finger, lay it flat on the ruler.

Measure the widest area of the band from inner edge to the other inner edge.

Lastly, round it to the closest whole number in millimeter and refer to the sizing chart for your ring size.

Option 3: Using a ring sizer

This option is the easiest of them all. There are two type of ring sizer available.

One is a ready made ring sizer which is available at all ring stores. If you require one, please get in touch with us and we will be glad to send you one.

The other type is to print out by clicking here, Ring Sizer.

Lastly, you may refer the other method in this ring size guide to find which way is the best for you.

Ring Size Chart

Circumference (MM) Diameter (MM) Size UK|AU Size US|CA
49 15.6 J 4.5
50 15.9 K 5.5
52 16.5 L 6
53 16.8 M 6.5
54 17.2 N 7
55 17.5 O 7.5
57 18.1 P 8
58 18.4 Q 8.5


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