Necklace Size Guide

Necklace Size Guide

Necklace Size Guide

Read this necklace size guide for you to find out what is the best necklace size for you.

Necklace Style Overview

Necklace Style Overview (in CM)

Find your necklace size

There are few ways you could explore which necklace length suits you best.
Simply follow the instructions below:

Option 1 – Measure your size using your existing necklace

You will need:

  • A ruler or tape measure
  • A necklace of yours

This option is suitable for those who already have a necklace with a length you like. You can simply measure it to determine which necklace size to choose.

Necklace Size Guide Option 1

Lay your existing necklace on a flat surface, measure it from one end to the other end.

Option 2 – Measure your necklace size using a string

This option is suitable for those who does not have a necklace to use as a reference, you can simply use a string to measure and determine the best length for you.

Necklace Size Guide

Necklace Size Guide: Using a piece of string to measure your necklace size

Wrap a string around your neck like how you wear a necklace. Adjust it to your desire length and place a marking on the string where the end meet.

After that, simply lay flat the string on a measuring tape or ruler to find out the length of it in CM or IN.

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